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Visitor Information

Clinic Hours

8:30-5 p.m., Monday-Friday. After hours, routine illnesses or injuries may be treated in the emergency room.

Hospital Visiting Hours

Check with the business office for current hours. Visits are subject to the patient’s wishes as indicated on the patient’s rights form.


The hospital cafeteria is not open to the public. The dietary department prepares meals for patients only. Vending machines are available in the cafeteria and training center for staff and visitors.


The hospital chapel is located off the lobby.

Gift Shop

The hospital gift shop is located in the lobby.


Free parking is available on the south side and west side of the hospital/clinic.

Food Pantry

The hospital food pantry, serving the hungry and food-insecure of Love County, dispense food baskets on Tuesdays. The contents include about one dozen items of dried, canned, fresh, and frozen foods, including meat, vegetables, fruit, and dairy products. The pantry is located on the north side of the clinic, off of Wanda St. Emergency food packages are located at the nurses’ station in the hospital 24 hours a day.

Training Center

The training center at Mercy Health-Love County/Love County EMS is a distance learning center for our region of the state. To learn about class offerings for Basic EMT, paramedic, or American Heart Association certifications, go to