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Hospital Auxiliary (Pink Lady Volunteers)

The Hospital Auxiliary owns the hospital gift shop and vending machines. Using sales proceeds from these two endeavors, the group purchases hospital and ambulance furnishings and equipment.

Their first gift, in 1973, was 18 wall-mounted blood pressure gauges.

Members volunteer their time in either sales or on the nursing floor. They fill bedside water pitchers and deliver juice, magazines, books, and other comfort items to patients, leaving nurses free for medical care.

Males or females age 18 or older may volunteer in the hospital auxiliary.

The hospital auxiliary received the OKDHS (Oklahoma Department of Human Services) award in 2004 as one of Oklahoma’s top volunteer organizations.

Known as Pink Ladies in tribute to the pink-colored tunics volunteers wore in the early days of the organization, their accumulated hours each year rank them as the most giving organization in Love County.

The Pink Ladies are affiliated with Love County Senior Volunteer Program, located in the Growers Market, at 276-9410.